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Training Workshop on Taxonomy of Terrestrial Plants. 2012.
  The 2nd course on Monocotyledoneae was carried out from 12 to 16 March 2012. Also attended by observers from China and Japan. The implementation of these activities under agreement between PROSEA and ACB. PROSEA willing to continue support the course in Bryophyte and Pteridophyte that expected to be carried out in 2013 and 2014.

Training Workshop on Taxonomy of Terrestrial Plants. 2011
  PROSEA Association in collaboration with RC Biology-LIPI and ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) leads the implementation of Regional Training Courses on Plant Taxonomy for young scientists in South East Asia. These training courses are a Japanese program namely East and Southeast Asia Biodiversity Information Initiative (ESABII) to support implementation of Global Taxonomy Initiative of the Convention on Biological Diversity (GTI/CBD) in East and South East Asia. Dr. Dedy Darnaedi is a National Focal Point of GTI/CBD-Indonesia and also a Steering Committee of ESABII. He promotes PROSEA to organize these important regional courses on plant taxonomy. The first course on Dicotiledoneae was successfully implemented in Bogor from 16-23 February 2011, it was attended by 19 participants from ASEAN member states. The implementation of these activities under agreement between PROSEA and ACB. PROSEA willing to continue support the course in Bryophyte and Pteridophyte that expected to be carried out in 2013 and 2014.

Conference on Biodiversity Informatics in Indonesia. September 15, 2011.
  PROSEA Association was invited by Gunadarma University, Depok as a sources speaker on the conference. Dr. Dedy Darnaedi, executive Director of PROSEA gave a lecture on “Plant Resources of South East Asia (PROSEA) and its biodiversity information in ASEAN region”. The conference was hosted by LIPI, Gunadarma University and The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. It was attended by more than 75 participants and students from various stake holders from Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. In this event PROSEA promoting and sale PROSEA’s publications and distributed PROSEA’s membership application form.

PROSEA e-books. 2011
  PROSEA publication is an important reference for any research on plant resources in South East Asia region. Ministry of Environment Japan and Kyushu University under the Asia Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (APBON) project intensively used PROSEA’s publication as one of the main sources in their activities. For the practical reason all PROSEA’s books have been scanned and used as a field guide books. PROSEA in collaboration with PDII-LIPI give a service in developing PROSEA’s e-book for the project of APBON-Kyushu University. Further collaboration with PDII-LIPI in developing PROSEA e-books free for public throughout PDII-LIPI services is in progress.

Mango Tree Encyclopedia Project, 2009-2010.
  PROSEA in collaboration with Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) requested by Sultanate of Oman to collaborate in publishing Manggo Tree Encyclopedia. It was intensively discussed by PROSEA with representative of Sultanate of Oman and R.C. Biology-LIPI. A scientific report with illustration and color pictures as much as 228 pages prepared by Dr. Elysabeth A. Widjaja, Dr. Fitmawati and Dr. Dedy Darnaedi has been officially submitted to Sultanate of Oman and accepted in 2010.

Science Council Asia. July 10-12, 2012.
  PROSEA Association participated in Science Council Asia Meeting take places in Bogor Botanic Square, Bogor, with title: Mobilizing Science toward Green Economy. This meeting has been hosted by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). PROSEA association exhibited all PROSEA products and distributed PROSEA Association membership application form to participants. PROSEA’s stand visited by most of participants, and they expressed they interested but unfortunately not so many visitors interested to bay PROSEA’s books.

Association of Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation (ATBC) Annual Meeting. Bali, August 2010.
  PROSEA participated in ATBC Annual meeting in Bali, August 2010. All PROSEA’s publication has been exhibited, PROSEA leaflets and PROSEA Association membership application have been distributed to the participants. During 3 days exhibitions only view books sold out, and some foreigners bought and request to send the book by mail. Compare to the total cost, for rent a boot, transportation and logistics for three PROSEA’s staffs it is economically do not have any income. However, it is only good event for promotion PROSEA’s Association. Some of the books were delivered to Bali Botanic Gardens for their stock to sale.

Sarasehan Keanekaragaman Hayati, Januari 2011.
  This Sarasehan is a national seminar on plant diversity takes place in Gajah Mada University-Jogjakarta, as a collaborative event between universities, private sectors, government, foundations, associations and publics. More than 200 participants actively participate in this one day seminar. PROSEA participates as one of co-organizing seminar and contribute for the success of the meeting. Leaflets of PROSEA’s publication, and PROSEA’s membership application have been distributed to the participants. It is a good event for promoting PROSEA’s Association.

The 118 Anniversary of Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense, RC Biology-LIPI. 4-6 November 2012.
  PROSEA Association actively participated in the 118 Anniversary of Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense (MZB), RC Biology-LIPI. This event has been carried out from 4 – 6 November 2012, by inviting public and students to the exhibition of MZB, open house and painting competition. It was a good event for PROSEA to promote how important plant resources and its relationship to animal kingdom. PROSEA donated a hundred of color pencils and painting equipment to the organizer for painting competition.

Young botanist club
Januari 29, 2006

The PROSEA Network Office is working with the Matoa Foundation to build up a Young Botanist Club, which holds bimonthly meetings. The first meeting was attended by 15 children of 6–8 years old, held at the Aki Barry house and gardens on January 29, 2006. The children learned about bamboo (the uses, different kind of bamboos, about the plant itself), heard story telling on bamboo, and also had a bamboo drawing session. At the end of these activities, three winning bamboo artists were been selected and awarded PROSEA & MATOA t-shirts, and every children received one young Dinochloa scandens climbing bamboo to be looked after.

March 25, 2006

The second meeting was at Taman Sringganis (Medicinal Plant Gardens), on March 25, 2006. We introduced medicinal plants to the children for their daily uses, in case they have any health problems. Children from 6 – 12 years old attended in this meeting. Children were introduced to the whole environment of the garden, and they had to find and discuss which plant was climbing, shrub, trees etc. Then they painted what they had seen, and each group had to present their findings. Three winners of the art class were chosen.

September 9, 2006

The third meeting of the young botanist club was organized in Gunung Mas Plantation to find out about tea, how to drink it, how to grow it and how to make it for drinking. This meeting was held on September 9, 2006. 300 children attended, especially students from SD Polisi I and SD Bina Insani. This third meeting was done as a collaboration with Fortune Star Management, and was supported by the Estate Plantation from PTPN IV, VI, VII, VIII and XII.

Beyond 2005
  • Establishing and maintaining e-PROSEA
    This is a continuation and maintaining of e-PROSEA by updating, recording data.

  • Development of CD based e-PROSEA
    The e-PROSEA will be transferred into CD when there is a request.

  • Production of PROSEA handbooks
    This program is continuation of publishing the remaining volume PROSEA 20 (1) and 20 (2): Ornamental plants and PROSEA 15 (3): Fungi

  • Production of PROSEA Identification kits
    To disseminate PROSEA handbook it is necessary to produce various books, note books and kits to the end users need.

  • Production of PROSEA guideline for sustainable management
    The promotion of sustainable agricultural and rural development concept is encouraged by the fact that such a promotion has been little taken place in the South East Asia region, although all countries has signed the ratification of Agenda 21. Because of that a guideline for sustainable management based on ecosystem for the South East Asia country is urgently needed.

  • Production of PROSEA manuals to sustainable plant utilization

  • Sustainable use of plant resources for sustainable development
    Public awareness on the sustainable development should be build by campaign on the concept of sustainable development.

  • Promoting agro-ecology for improvement of rural livelihood.
    To implementing agro-ecology system for rural livelihood improvement

  • Plant resources for carbon trade
    To assess plant resources potential in an international carbon trade

  • Assessment of scientific gaps on the plant resources in the South East Asia region
    A new collaborative research project in the region

  • Development of long term master plan for international collaborative researches on plant resources in the South East Asia region.
    PROSEA to be a centre for international collaborative researcher in the region.

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