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NO. 101978

Several plant species taking parts in aren sugar processing in East Kalimantan: an ethnobotanical review
Beberapa jenis tumbuhan yang berperan dalam pembuatan gula aren di Kalimantan Timur suatu telaah ethnobotani

Siagian, MH; Rahayu, M; Fanani, Z
Research and Development Centre for Biology (RDCB), LIPI; Bogor, Indonesia

Prosiding Seminar dan Lokakarya Nasional Etnobotani II [Proceedings of the 2nd National Seminar and Workshop on Ethnobotany]; Yogyakarta, 24-25 Januari 1995; Nasution, RE et al (eds); Jakarta, Ikatan Pustakawan Indonesia, 1995; Buku 2; p 493-499

Study on various plant species in the process of brown sugar from sugar palm (Arenga pinnata) juice tapping until the formation of brown sugar was carried out from July to October 1993 in the Muhuran and Kedang Ipil villages, Kota Bangun subdistrict, Kutai, East Kalimantan. The two villages are mostly inhabited by Kutai tribe. There were 9 species of plant that have been taking part in the sugar processing from palm. If the sugar palm shoot start to change into darker it colour indicates that the production process should be initialted through pounding the base of the inflorescence by a tool called "pengantul". The process of sugar palm juice transportation and the sequence of brown sugar processing is discussed in this paper.

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