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SFF (Strategic Framework of PROSEA beyond 2006)
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Preliminary Phase (1985-1986)
Conducting a feasibility study for establishing an international network of collaboration in achieving PROSEA missions.

Preparatory Phase (1987-1990)
Establishing regional cooperation between partner institution in South East Asia through the documentation, consultation and publication including scientific agreement, organizational and financial structure ofPROSEA.

First Implementation Phase (1991-1995)
Compiling, editing and publishing of the first 10 volumes of the PROSEA hand book were taken place and when the databank containing the text of the handbook, literature references and additional information was also made operational.

Second Implementation Phase (1996-2000)
Publishing the second 10 volumes of the PROSEA handbook, the access to the PROSEA database was improved, and the production of derived education and extension materials was promoted;

PROSEA Beyond 2005 (2001-2005)
Creating an electronic and web based products to promote their increased and wider utilization has been initiated.

PROSEA Beyond 2006 (2006-2016)
Promoting the sustainable use of Plant Resources of the South East Asia region for the better livelihood of the regional communities.

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