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Since the global communities have been promoting any action for achieving the sustainability of the world since 1987, a slow movement have been agreeable at the international consensus toward the sustainable world which was made in 1992.

PROSEA start to reorientate its strategic toward the sustainable world, after PROSEA has five programme phases, namely Preliminary phase (1985-1986), preparatory phase (1987-1990), first implementation phase (1991-1995), second implementation phase (1996-2000) and PROSEA beyond 2005 (2001-2005).

Therefore, a strategic framework for the period of 2006-2016 has been prepared (details in PFF). This strategic framework will be divided into 2 phase: 1st phase period of 2006-2011 and 2nd phase period of 2011-2016. For the first phase an action plan will be done when the funding to several donors is approved.

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