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SFF (Strategic Framework of PROSEA beyond 2006)
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To disseminate the existing wealth of information on the plant resources of South–East Asia to various beneficiaries throughout the world through various activities at international, regional, and national levels

  • PROSEA Data Bank is in existence, regularly updated; readily accessible through internet, and easily available to the global communities, from which various products and services could be generated

  • Provision of identification tools of plant resources, the guidelines to the management of plant resources, manuals for sustainable use of plant resources in improving local livelihood

  • PROSEA supports the promotion of plant resources based sustainable agriculture and rural livelihood, and of carbon trade through the clean development mechanism, and encourages the local people for diversifying plant based commodities under sustainable use principles

To develop facilitation programmes for international research activities in the region on the plant resources of South–East Asia

  • Assessment on the needs for further developed researches on plant resources in the region

  • Development of collaborative research programmes on plant resources in the region with international scientific communities

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