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All our work is funded by charitable donations. Donors include institutions, organizations and individuals. All who donate towards a specific project receive reports on the progress of that project.

Who has helped so far

We acknowledge below our key donos and/or sponsors whose contributions whether in cash or kind have been most significant in furthering the goals of PROSEA Foundation. We also have many experts in every aspect (authors, contributors, editors, staffs) of the project, who are too numerous to mention here.

Project Names Total (EUR)
DGIS I 907.560
DGIS II 907.560
DGIS III 1.203.043
DGIS IV 680.053
DGISV 940.063
International Timber Trade Organization I 798.115
International Timber Trade Organization II 783.451
LNV II 226.890
LNV III 226.890
LUW/LNV 2.576.764
OCW II 453.254
European Community I 450.889
European Community II 481.284
European Community III 666.017
DIDC II 255.560
Exploitation 225.359
FINNIDA I 207.440
Tropenbos 136.134
Yayasan Sarana Wanajaya 128.374
GLAXO 65.805
International Development Research Centre 29.589


Prof. Ir. H. Soekiman Atmosoedarjo

Current Project Information

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nutrition and Health, the Netherlands Government, supported the e-Prosea program through DGIS V. The project is released on 2001 with the amount EU 940,063 for 5 years funding and will be ended on June 2006.


The PROSEA Network Office has formed a collaboration with UBP (Generator Business Unit) Saguling, located in Citarum Water Catchment Area, Rajamandala, West Java. Saguling is one of the electricity power units maintained under the Indonesia Power Limited Company, developed from Java – Bali I Electricity Power Limited Company.

Because of pollution in the Citarum River from the textile factories in Bandung District, the Saguling electricity power unit sometimes has to stop its operation, because some of their spare parts become rusty and need to be replaced, leading to interruption of electricity supply. The director of the Saguling reservoir is also concerned that water pollution should be minimized, so that the local people living along the river are not poisoned by these residues. At the same time, the water in the reservoir decreases every year, due to the logging occurred in the upper Citarum River watershed. Because of these issues, Saguling Reservoir has begun a collaboration with local people to plant trees such as fruit trees, coffee, mangoes, jackfruit and other fruit trees for two years recently. It is expected that the fruit trees can also benefit the local people. Beside the fruit trees, the local people are also willing to plant bamboo for soil conservation as well as for the water conservation. Because of this, the Saguling Reservoir Unit has asked the PROSEA Network Office to help to train the farmers surrounding the reservoir to propagate bamboo, and to use bamboo for making products that can be used for daily benefit.

Our first project is to grow a 2-ha bamboo arboretum and give a training to the farmer on bamboo propagation. After learning to propagate bamboo the farmers may plant it near the reservoir to prevent the soil erosion. It is expected that within one year the local farmers will have sufficient experience to propagate bamboo and make bamboo products.

This project will be run from September 2006 to September 2007 with a total budget of Rp 53,600,000 (US $ 5890).


A database for the useful plants in Indonesia (e.g., endangered fruit trees, dyes plants, bio-pesticide, fiber plant for materials, plant used for reclamation, plant for sugar, bio-fuel, medicinal plants, plants for seashore, bio-fertilizer) is urgently needed to provide basic information for community development, other NGOs or researchers in Indonesia. Therefore, a collaboration project with the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation has been started at the PROSEA Network Office to develop this database out of the PROSEA web-database. This data can be accessed under the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation website or PROSEA website. We will also be developed an interactive CD, which will be distributed to people who need this information.

This project runs from September 2006 – September 2007 with the total budget of Rp 70,000,000 (US $ 7,658).


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